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Today's Date 11-10-17

Join Dates of posters in this thread:

Point Blank 11-06-17
deltonmyers 11-08-17
SportsHec8 11-07-17
peterose4hof 11-07-17
pmo561 11-09-17
Fortunaut 05-25-17 (1st post ever)
benjy21 11-06-17
Matt Landes 11-06-17
Champthinks 08-01-17 (only 7 posts, all in Point Blank threads)

Pretty simple to see what's going on here.
Throw in the micro brew advertizing and
this is all nothing more than an effort to usurp
SBR's reach for marketing purposes.
Add me to the list. I have a recent date as well I come on here to market my business. I have this great business where I sell winter coats in Vegas during the summer. It hasn't been going to well. Hopefully SBR's reach will help.