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Liberalism is a mental illness. They just can't help themselves.
It is a mental illness, but I seriously want to know why people like RKelly, and PaulyPoker, and JToler always come to the defense of these "victim" groups? Does it make them feel better about their own selves, when they defend a bunch of militant, non-assimiliating, angry, government leeches? Who do nothing but make excuses for their own failures in life?

This isn't a "sticking up for the underdog" type of argument. This is supporting ignorant lazy violent losers who have no ability or intention of living peaceful lives with their neighbors. Jihadi Muslims, BLM, Trangenders, Gays, whatever victim group you want to name...I have no idea why anyone sticks up or supports them.

Yet, we have the regular posters here who do nothing but that. Is PaulyPoker getting paid by George Soros to post his nonsense here? That would at least make some sense. But other than that, it truly is a mental illness these people have.