Originally posted on 08/04/2017:

Was set to be another losing night after Seattle scored a meaningless run in the top of the 9th with two outs and no one on to send the game over 9.5 I simply could not take another losing night and what looked to be another losing week. I've been betting only $20-$30 a game because I just can't win anymore. After that run scored in Seattle I went in and took the live over 11.5 in San Fran Oakland when it was 7-0 Giants in the top of the 4th. Put my remaining balance for the week on it which was like $385 and shut my phone off. Of course I can't not know what's going on so after like 25 mins I turn it back on and see it's 8-1 bottom 5 with 2 outs and 2 on for Ty Bach the pitcher. I always hold my thumbs over the scores if each team while on gamecast because I'd rather check the updated score on my own time after I see the at bat is over. I see the the little bases graphic clear but there's still two outs...I slowly removed my right thumb from over the Giant's score and see the second digit is a 1 and the first digit also a 1. Thank you Ty Bach for your three run bomb in the fifth to make it 11-1 and let me go to sleep early without having another nightmare. Haven't slept that well in months. Happy Friday everyone and BOL.