What the **** happened to me this morning? Boys, I go to class this morning get back and I am laying in my bed. My girlfriend calls, she says that she needs to see me. I said, ok well come over. This was weird because normally she just comes over and doesn't call. I have known this girl since about 11 months ago, I ****ed her for a while and then we were conisdered to be boyfriend/girlfriend for the past 9 months.

So she walks in and comes into my room, now normally we would just hang out in my room and one thing may lead to another and well, you know... but as soon as she gets in my room she says hello or whatever and then starts pulling down my shorts. I thought I was dreaming, she starts blowing me and then I go to take her pants off, and her exact words were "no, I want you to enjoy this". Ok. I am not going to argue with her but this was very strange. So I finish and we are just laying in my bed for like 10 minutes. Then she says I have something to tell you. I'm thinking to myself this is not good . She then tells me shes pregnant. My world comes crashing down I sat there for a good minute in silence just thinking. Like I don't love this girl, I am 20 years old, were not getting married, I baisically just used her as my gf because she was hot and for effort free sex. I ****ed a couple other girls while we were together but thats not the point. So I am thinking back, I know we never used condoms but I never came inside her. So I finally break my silence and say "so what are you going to do". She says, "I wanna get rid of it". Perfect! I said, "well thats good because I really can't have a kid now". Then she hits me with it.

"It's not yours." PRAISE THE LORD! At this point I am angry but happy all at once. I am angry she made it sound like it was mine more then that she ****ed another guy. So I lay back with a smile and maybe I did or didn't give a fist pump. She says what are you so happy about? I said that I don't have a babys momma. She said I thought you would be mad. I explained that I was a little but at this point her ****ing another guy is fine in my book. She starts crying. I feel bad. I am trying to console her and tell her it will be alright and she could go to the clinic and get rid of it for like $700. I told her I would take her if she wanted. She is crying on my shoulder and at this point I don't know what to do. This is no longer my problem or my girlfriend in my mind but I feel bad. So finally she stops crying and I say to her so who is the proud papa? She tells me it is some kid I never heard of. So I grab my laptop and tell her I want to get her the number of the clinic. Really, I know where it is and I drove my boy and his girl to take care of a similar problem but I just want to find out who this guy is. So I go on facebook and type in the name. It pops up and I see the picture, I make it bigger and there it is. It's a kid that I fought like a month ago. I still don't know why we fought but he was talking shit at a party and I didnt understand where the hostility was coming from. I guess I know now. But I really don't like this kid so now I am pissed. I start yelling about why she would **** this kid and she knows I hate him. She starts crying again and saying shes sorry.

I don't care at this point, then she says can you help me? I asked her with what she said I don't have the money. What??? You really want me to pay $700 for a kid thats not mine. At this point its not even worth explaining to her why this question was so ****ed up and I tell her to just get out and keep saying no. Then she says well atleast give me the number to the clinic and that I don't have to be an asshole about it. That asshole comment got me mad, so I said sure. I got a piece of paper and wrote down 3 names. I give it to her and she says whats this? I said its the 3 girls I have ****ed since we were together. She calls me an asshole again, starts crying and leaves. Now that all ended at about 9:45. So I am chilling in my room and at 10:30 my phone starts blowing up, it's her I answered the first time and she says "I'm sorry, I'm not mad at you but I really need your help". She is still crying and now I kind of feel bad. I told her I would think about it and hung up. Now since 11:00 I have 14 missed calls from her. I feel bad, I really do but I just don't understand how I am supposed to go about this.

Usually when I break up with a girl its on good terms and we are still friends and I could still **** a lot of them. Its much easier like that, usually I just use the "this isn't working out" whole deal and they get it we go our seperate ways but I still talk to them. Never have I dealt with some mini-Jerry Springer shit. So what do I do? I feel bad and she keeps texting me "I want you back, Im sorry". But I really don't know what to do.

Should I pay for it?
Should I drive her?
Should I answer?
Should I take her back?
Is it possible for things to be back to normal if I do?

I have never dealt with this shit but I am sure someone on here has.