Ladies and Gentleman of Sports Book Review Forum, sbrodds, SBR TV, SBR Book, and SBR News, I come before you today with an emergency address to our posting community.

Since I became a fellow member of SBR on a spring night of 2007, I never would of thought what I was getting myself into. I joined this forum in hopes of getting paid from Sportsbook dot com, and was only looking for assistance. 10,000 posts later, here I am addressing you fine folks of the SBR community, from Israel to a basement in Newark, all over this world.

I would like to start with SBR poster JJGold. JJGold has been at SBR since the early days of the forum. With all the posts he has at SBR, JJ as provided us with countless entertainment value. JJ................well what can I say, he cant pick a winner to save his life. Since when has a poster, or any internet celebrity been so popular where other users try and map his location? Try and look at his videos for clues to his location, his life, and just everything. Like it or not, JJGold makes this forum humorious to keep us on our feet. Does JJ contribute anything really solid to SBR? No. He's the jester, here for our entertainment. I have no doubt in my mind that he is a paid poster. No doubt at all. But who cares? WHO CARES! Let SBR throw this guy a bone. I think JJ is the goofiest guy I have ever seen in my life, period. He is worth whatever SBR is paying him.

I would next like to address the recent exodis from SBR over the word "*****". SBR is a business guys. Like it or not, they are a BUSINESS. They need to look like a business to make income. What if the owner of 5 dimes was black? He's looking to increase advertising by 50% and thinks SBR is the right place. He reads through SBR and sees that racially offensive slur being used left and right. If I were him, what would I do? Take my money elsewhere. BUSINESS guys. Would you allow employees to walk around your clothing store screaming *****? If you say yes, your business is over. In my opinion, from a business point of view, SBR should also ban the use of "f\*g", "\*\*\*\*\*\*", and so on. But, I am not a businessman, that is totally SBRs call.

I would like to reiterate. THIS IS A BUSINESS. This is not a playground for us, this is a business. Are we the customers? Yes we are. We aren't the only customers. Bookmakers are also. SBR is working on balancing an attractive environment for both bookmakers and posters. With no posters, there is no forum and no bookmakers to advertise. With no bookmakers, there is no forum, points, bash, contests, ect.

I believe SBR John summed it up the best when he said "If you don't like it click the X". Look at what SBR provides you as a poster. FREE POINTS to save for Pizzas, freeplays, TVs, and so many other things. Look at the SBR bash? SBR spends well close too, if not more then $100,000 to provide us with a great time. They dont even have sportsbook sponsor it! Its out of their pocket. Look at all these contests? Last year, I won the superbowl FREE squares contest. SBR sent me a CHECK for $100 cash. Wow. Find me another forum that provides all this. No chance.

Next, who cares why Bill Dozer and Johnny Walker went down to Costa Rica? Vegas Dave got fired, thats business...why is it our business? Big Boy Dan left SBR, who cares if he was fired? Who cares why? This is a business, period. SBR makes their decisions based on business interests. Do you walk in your favorite clothing store demanding to want answers to why the boss flew to California? Why the fitting room attendant Billy got fired? Sometimes I just laugh. Yes its ok to wonder, but being mad cause you don't know all the details of a business? Grow up.

In conclusion, I would like to say that SBR numbers are UP. Who cares how, why, or whatever. They are up. Old posters are being replaced with new posters, current posters are carrying this forum on very well. In closing, I would like to say. If you all you want to do is bitch and moan about SBR, then leave. You know where all the other sites are, and we wont shed a tear for you. Not one. Its an open internet community, go wherever you wont bitch the most.

Thank you for your time,