In my time at the forum I have met some great people but I have also met my fair share of jerkoffs. Because after all it is the internet, it is only expected. My first day here at SBR Forum was a comedic experience, I was actually brought here but rake922 from another forum and to be honest I loved the jjgold videos, the traffic was unreal. Not only was it entertaining but also I had a plethora of knowledge right in front of me to make me money. It was great; I could easily see myself staying around for the long haul.

As the years went by quite a few posters had come and gone, at this point it seemed that mods were like shoes around here, you wear them out, go out and buy a new one. Until this point nothing was ever said as to why they left. BigBoyDan was a huge asset to the forum, we all loved him, he didn’t have a negative bone in his body. Why did he bounce? It was pretty much kept hush hush, no one knew, just as Ganch had bounced.

Now I am not here to tell anyone how to run their business and also I am not here to attack ownership. Whether a certain mod was fired unjustly even after he moved across the country, without any sense of it at all, the carpet was pulled from under his feet, regardless really it isn’t my business. You run your business like you want. I for one feel it is bad business but in the end you’re right, I am only seeing one side of the equation and I can believe who I want to believe.
My concerns stem from this past weekend. As you all know, solid forum assets and contributors, long timers had left, gone out to what they say are “greener pastures” because of the way business is handled around here. This stems back to me saying, run your business how you want, but also take a look into the phrase, “Do as I say not as I do.” Ownership calling names, paid posters constantly bashing African Americans, from somewhere out there over the rainbow an epiphany took place, now Bread is reprimanded, reprimanded in such ways it was unreal because so many got away with it for so long.

Bread left with his posse, feathers were ruffled, many speculated, yada yada, this and that, and in the end it is over and done with. Both parties are obviously happy in their current situations. That had almost gone away, boards were back to normal, we will call those folks the “Drunks” of the forum. The same “Drunks” that brought this board so much traffic, the same “Drunks” that wrote front page blogs. I love me some “Drunks”. They are the same “Drunks” that make the forum entertaining without the same repetitive shtick.

Now that the “Drunks” are long gone, another topic came up. Tony Soprano mentioned another board and it was as if the flood gates opened. jjgold created such a stir about Tony mentioning it. Such a stir that personal attacks took place. Things were said that were not necessary; a certain persons side came out that day that I have never witnessed. The same certain person that used to tout other boards in his videos and ask other board owners for his 400. “Kenny, where is my $400? Give me my $400 Kenny.” Whatever makes you think you can do it but when you see another poster mention, just mention another site, you spaze and go into blah blah our board is booming and traffic is at all time highs mode, sir if that is the case why are you soooo worried that you have to go into defense mod? Yeah, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me either.

The things John has done here for posters are great. They truly do have great tools here for gambling. The lines site is top notch, the points for posting is brilliant, the sportsbook (brought to you by yours truly) is great as well. I would like to see a few things change. The changes are not just for personal reasons but I also see quite a few long time loyal posters feeling the same way. I would like the spamming of paid posters to please stop, wait no it doesn’t even have to stop, just limit it, make more of the paid posters post about gambling instead of asking Clarken to call him. The shtick once again has grown old. Instead being a great traffic asset and recruiter, the guy has become out very own MofoMe. He is posting to just post. Let posters handle their own problems, there is no reason whatsoever that a paid poster has to jump in, cause even more problems, call names, and bring out personal information. Very unprofessional.

In closing, I have ranted here for too long, personally I think what I just wrote is ridiculous, it is after all the fukking internet. I ask of ownership, please listen to the posters here and what the posters want. We are the reason you’re so successful. Without posters you may as well take the paid posters into sbr chat and let them fluff each other’s nuts. As you can see from the trend that has taken place, most of your loyal posters and bash goers have gone their separate ways. Owners, please listen before it is too late. I hope no one was offended, I am speaking the truth and what posters are saying. jjgold, I love you, pal.

Beating a book near you,

(Mike Boyd)