whatever it is you are looking for, it`s, Here.
Scores, lines, picks? Here! Want someone to agree with you? Here. Against you? Here too! A friend? An enemy? a wauh Huh! Feaking place, like the internet is HUGE!!
I believe when used correctly, especially with good intent is when both are at their best.
Most simply put maybe would be for me to write that I had a good week and you fukkers had a lot to do with it. I could give examples and name some names but I am not going to. Again most simply..., you men that were positive OR said nothing at all. You fukkers are the moisture from a hot womans clam! And even you fleas around here, I found that most of the good men here found success while fading you so you rule too! But I am not speaking for others here.
I hope things stay mostly the same next week and that we all have a good February. I am thinking (most) all of you hope the same, so I am going to stfu and do what I can to make it happen! out