Congratulations. You just chased Tomato's golden goose out of the forums.

Are you an idiot, or incredibly stupid?

You find one guy who is absolutely horrendous in picks, who always loses his entire bankroll, does nothing but deposit to sportsbooks, and rather than quietly fade him, you think;

"Wow, someone worse at gambling than me! I never would have thought such a thing existed! Time to show everyone I'm smarter than him!"

Yes, we now have such a high opinion of you because you beat mkasad23 in a capping contest that lasted 5 picks. Bravo. You're a genius.

What the hell was there to expose about him? He was a known loser on every forum he's been to. He never claimed to know what the hell he was doing, unlike people who Tomato places on his list who have this delusional opinion that they actually make money gambling. Everyone knew he was a loser before he even joined here. Even seeing the way he typed you knew he had no clue.

Now Tomato has to go find where he went off to. His name even came up in Google because so many people are trying to fade him. Thanks stiff/fraud.