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Dallas Cowboys problem is and always has been that damn owner Jerry Jones. He won't drop enough money on the cornerbacks. I agree with the other posters. Dallas suck ass Cowboys will go 6-10. They are the team to fade this season. I am still furious that Jones didn't try to get Johnny Manziel and let him study underneath Tony Romo for a year. Manziel's family is as arrogant and cocky as Jerry Jones. They would have sold a shit load of jerseys and gotten a lot of publicity with bringing Manziel in as quarterback. Yet Jerry Jones sticks with Romo who will never go anywhere. He is not a leader and he never will be. Does anyone care to dispute me on this?

Not even sure where to start with this post -

Won't spend money on cornerbacks? Look up contracts for Scandrick and Carr, and a 1st round draft pick on Claiborne in the last 3 years.

Drafting Manziel would have been absurd for Dallas. They don't need a quarterback, regardless of the stale "not a leader", "no heart" bullsh1t immeasurable criticisms against Romo, don't kid yourself, Romo may not be an 'elite' QB (how many of them are there really at any given time 3 or 4?) but he's damn good. The same people bitching about not taking Manziel are the ones that would have criticized Jerry for taking him saying he sold out to sell jerseys and get publicity, which are things the Cowboys don't need more of, and that he overlooked the team's more pressing needs for someone who won't even play, at least not for a while, and maybe ever. What they have needed is players, specifically lineman on both sides of the ball, meaning someone to protect Romo, and to provide a pass rush, which is something they have not had with a declining Ware, injured Spencer and no one else worth mentioning. It looks like they have finally addressed the O line but the defense will still be their downfall this year. No team has lost as many 4th quarter leads in the last few years.

Besides, Manziel has done nothing that can translate to the NFL, he was a great college QB, but he's not one of the fastest guys on the field anymore, he can't run around and throw it up for grabs and let 6'5" Mike Evans come down with it every time, and how, oh, how without him will the Aggies go 8-4 and lose to every ranked team they play again this year?