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I don't even bother responding to him anymore because the info is out there and he's lost already. All he will do is ignore the 500 threads everywhere and say "chump" a few times. Everybody can read about him not owning it but actually working for Carlos.

The guy knows he is buried, and any simple search turns up tons and tons of info. The info SBR had to delete to save his life is posted across the street. The fact that he's a pizza bettor says it all. That's what we call guys who can't afford to bet real money and have to bet with kiddie points. Guys grinding out pennies here and there hoping to win a pizza for dinner. It's even sadder when you see them bragging about buying an ipad with kiddie points, because a financially secure person just walks the fukk into best buy.

The worst part is everyone who comes forward saying they got scammed actually gets put on another public website they have. They post the persons full name, family info, and contact info. Then they make up lies saying these honest people are actually scam artists.

When you lay your head on your pillow at night the only thing you have with you is your integrity. Bobby, I will honestly apologize for anything bad I said about you if you please remove those innocent people's names, pictures, and families from that other site of yours.
I never played at this scam book but this is the biggest joke on all forums. darkhat and mikeyanks claiming they will do something. mikeyanks said in this thread someone was outside his house months ago and yet nothing happened? you two are a fukkin joke. you wont do sh*t and we all know it. bobby whether you are part of 18th or not you come off as a pathetic tool even acknowledging these jokes. mikeyanks full report will also be a fukkin joke. why the fukk isn't a site up tough guys? takes 5 mins to buy a domain and put this info up, but yet this is going on for months. bobby stop being a shill and yanks and darkhat stop making your empty threats. you got info, great. just stfu and post it and let people decide. if not stfu and move on. I bet $1000 bucks this site will still be up and scamming people a year from now, no one will ever talk to bobby whether the feds or yanks or darkhat. sbr should really clean this bullsh** up and ban bobby and these morons mikeyanks and darkhat you fukkin losers