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My only intention from day one was to come in here and expose fraud services, I've done that, Scott Shiller and Scott Stylzes. I've received countless emails from people who were duped into believing the BS 60% claims, 99% of the viewers in forums just troll for free and contribute nothing, someone pays for these plays, mostly out of desperation with the hopes of getting out of the hole!
Cool, well thanks for de-bunking and bringing to light these two services. What about the majority of the other ones that get posted here? Most are shady/misleading and fraudulent in one way or another. Are you going to try and shutdown the Service Play section of SBR then?

If people are being "duped" by these guys, it's pretty much their own fault. What does that really say about them anyways and what makes you think you can save them?? They'll just open their wallet to the next scam that comes along.

Anybody who knows anything about sports betting would know better than to believe 90% of the services posted here. A person with even a speck of common sense can tell simply by doing even just a bit of research whether these services are legit or just some dude who threw together a piss poor website trying to make a buck. Besides, most here don't care about exposing services, they know the drill and how this industry works...they want to know whether to Fade or Follow..its that simple. Touts are going to prey on the weak and make money off the naive, its been happening forever. It's just the way it is.

Your noble intentions of "exposing" services is specifically targeted towards these guys and it seems to have less to do with "outing" and more to do about ridiculing. It's just old and tired and has been done a million times before the 4 weeks that you've been here. Just a tip there Inspector Cluzo, Hard facts work much better in exposing fraudulent services than pictures, bold print and excessive emoticons. As I said before, you proved your point...they have been "exposed"...Move on.