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    Done Deal: Westbrook Inks 6-Year Deal

    There are a few reasons negotiations for Eagles running back Brian Westbrook's new contract extended into August, just hours before the team kicked off its preseason against the Steelers in Pittsburgh.

    It's long. It's particular. And boy, is it complicated.

    The Eagles and Westbrook finalized the star's brand-new six-year deal Friday afternoon, and the running back signed the contract shortly before kickoff. But, as Eagles president Joe Banner explained, it wasn't something the Eagles ever placed on the backburner; talks had been considered a priority since January. But getting the numbers to work within the NFL's strict Collective Bargaining Agreement had stalemated discussions and piled pages onto the already-thick contract.
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    Where would you pick this guy in a fantasy football league?

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    As fast as you could... 2nd rd if not 1st