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    Toronto Places Bishop on Waivers

    The Toronto Argonauts have placed quarterback Michael Bishop on waivers according to a local Toronto source.

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    indeed. Joseph has looked pretty bad so far.

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    The Argos are a Heisman trophy candidate graveyard.

    I think Bill Veek must still be alive along with his kid Bill Jr.and they run the Argos.Ricky Williams,Eric Crouch,,,,,did they hire Art Schleister way back when or was that the Ottawa Roughriders?Now they also hired Vander jerk as their kicker and he smiles after missing a field goal.Mike just wants a hobbie and the other players won't take kindly to a recreational kicker.Toronto is the graveyard of sideshow football acts with big resumes. Yikes,left out Andre Rison the king of sideshow acts,,,he would be the carnival barker!

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    This makes no sense to me either. Joseph wasn't showing me anything to get excited about this year. This is going to be a very inconsistent team I think. Good team to fade.

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    Good move IMO. Never been a huge Bishop fan and this lets Jospeh know this is his team and won't have to deal with that splitting time shit. This move could get these guys back on track, even though they've really only played one bad game.

    I think they're still the team to beat for the Grey Cup.

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    He had an awesome year at 10-1 last year didn't he??