Game Date: August 27, 2005
Sport: MLB
Game: Arizona v. Philadelphia
Selection: Philadelphia -110
Six in a row and counting. Thatís losses for the Diamondbacks. Just 2-11 their last 13 ball games. And this team is not snakebit. Just bad. A team ERA over SEVEN (7.16) for the month of August. And this was a team in the NL West chase just two weeks ago? Now 14 games under .500. Wait, it gets worse. The Arizona bullpen has an ERA of 6.24. Thatís the worst in the major leagues since 1950. Oh, and the bullpenís ERA went UP after last night's disaster. Lyon gets one out and gives up two runs. Worrell gets one out and gives up a grand slam. Bulger manages to get two men out while allowing back-to-back triples and four runs. On offense, the Díbacks are hitting just .241 with runners in scoring position, and lead the NL in runners left on base. The Phillies are playing with confidence, and leading the NL wild card chase. They canít wait to get to Bank One Ballpark (BOB) and bite the snakes again Saturday. Philly has a 22-7 record vs. the NL West, best in the league. Jon Lieber (12-11) has gone 6+ innings in 8 of his last 9 starts. He may give up some runs, but Philly will get Ďem back against the Arizona bullpen. Brandon Webb (10-10) has pitched six straight quality starts, and will need another one here. His sinkerball better be on, or the Díbacks will sink again.