LAS VEGAS — Raiders owner Mark Davis isn’t planning to attend any of the team’s home games in its first season in Las Vegas.

“I won’t go if the fans can’t go, and the way it looks right now there won’t be any fans at our games,” Davis said Saturday afternoon.

While a handful of NFL teams have already made plans to have partial, spaced-out seating for their home games during the pandemic, Davis said the Raiders won’t be doing that at Allegiant Stadium.

“It’s all or none for me,” Davis said in an interview at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino. “Either all the fans are going to be in there or none.”

“I can’t tell one fan that they can’t go to the inaugural opening game in a stadium that they helped to build through their PSLs,” Davis added. “I won’t tell them that they can’t go but the rest of these guys can … and oh, by the way, don’t worry about it because we’ll be able to advertise on your seats.”

Eight-thousand Raiders fans, according to Davis, would have to be displaced after the NFL passed a measure two weeks ago to tarp off the first eight rows of stadiums to have social distancing from players (and to sell advertising for owners). The measure passed 31-1, with Davis the one dissenting vote.