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    Minnesota +1 @ Green Bay

    Talk me out of betting my car on the vikings 😎

    Week 2
    4-1-0 456 pts

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    Heltah Skeltah
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    Looks to easy..especially wth Rodgers banged up and that o-line for the packers is just awful. Don't see how the Packers let him go out and risk getting hurt even more

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    Rodgers got lucky last week on that comeback and stunned the bears defense, and I'm 90 percent sure he won't be able to do the same against the Vikings defense or nearly have much success being banged up behind a weak offensive line. Defiantly feels like an all in bet.

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    The J-Dizzle
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    It looked like Joe Philbin figured out how to handle the high pressure from the Bears D-line in the second half. Rodgers got going. I'm sure he will have a different gameplan versus Vikings now, who also will create a lot of pressure. Look for Cobb to have a good game again.