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    Jason White is out!

    Aug 11, 12:51 PM (ET)

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Former Heisman Trophy winner Jason White ended his professional career Thursday, citing his weak knees.
    White, who had been competing for third quarterback with the Tennessee Titans, said he has the head and heart to play in the NFL, but not the knees.

    "It's always been a dream of mine, but certain things won't allow me to chase that dream," White said. "It's kind of out of my hands at this point."

    White won the Heisman in 2003 and led Oklahoma to back-to-back BCS title games. He is Oklahoma's career passing leader with 7,922 yards and in touchdown passes with 81.

    He joined the Titans in May as an undrafted rookie after an audition with the Kansas City Chiefs did not lead to a contract offer.

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    White said he was still feeling the effects of reconstructive surgery on both knees while he was in college.

    "I always had trouble, even in the summer, dropping back when practice wasn't every day," he said. "Now that practice was every day it got to the point where one of my knees was super sore, so I started favoring it with the other one. Then the other one started hurting. I took a couple of days off this week and it hasn't really changed."

    He said he informed coach Jeff Fisher of his decision Wednesday night.

    link: http://sports.excite.com/news/08112005/v0336.html

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    He wasn't going to make the team either way. Far from an NFL QB talent wise.

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    That's very unfortunate for the kid.

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    Not sure he would of made the team either way. To bad for him though, he could of maybe played in another league.