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    New to forum

    Hello to all.

    I'm Bobby, I just registered to this forum and I have some questions. I'm not new in betting, but in last 2 years I'm very disappointed with my betting. I followed some handicappers in past, but they mostly disappointed me. Some of them showing just good runs, while they completely "forget" to mentioned looses in their social media. And ofcourse after following such handicappers and payed for their picks, result is - my bankroll is about 5x smaller then it was about 2 years ago.

    My purpose to join here is to find good handicappers that I could finally make some money on bookies.

    So I have just one question: Who is worth to follow, that profit could be made?

    Could be from Service plays or from members area. It's not important. Important is just to make profit.

    Thank you, good luck to all.

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    Welcome to SBR Forum, Balpol.

    Feel free to visit the Service play forums to check this handicappers. Our members will give you an accurate reviews on this.

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