My name is Stil and I just became a pro a few days ago. I had briefly taken a quick look at the site over the years but had never really participated. So since going pro, I been spending time exploring the site. To be frank, I had joined up so i could participate in the big NFL contest.

Anyways, after looking around i had a few questions. If someone could help out with these I'd appreciate it:

1. Do you get 6 points for playing in the poker freeroll?
2. when does a trivia question pop up?
3. And how often does it happen?
4. In the sportsbook, if you push, does that mean you lose?
5. Are you automatically signed up for the poker world cup or do you have to go somewhere to join that contest?
6. Do you get points for posting in the forum?
7. Also, is it better to just stay logged in or are you better off logging in and out each day?

Thanks in advance,