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    Steven Busch
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    One-time bets

    I would like to place a single one-time bet on an NFL team, that would negate any place with rollovers. Is there a place that I can do this?

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    SBR Genie
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    Welcome to SBR Forum, Steven!

    Feel free to search the sportsbook that will fit your needs - https://www.sportsbookreview.com/bet...es/#no-filters

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    Most places only have a rollover of 1x on deposits if you don't take a bonus. So you could just deposit the amount you want to bet and place it and you should be good for a payout once the bet is graded.

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    BT RayRay
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    But be careful some sites don’t want you to do a “hit and run” bet. They make you jump through hoops and delay paying out. Good luck.