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    understanding this forum

    Is this forum managed by people from uk or by people from USA?
    I don't know if user in this forum are from USA or from America. I think that it would be better to divide the forum by countries, do not?

    I mean that, for example, in Spain we have a restrictive laws and can't play in .com website, in itly and Portigal is also restrictive.

    In UK the betting industry is different from USA,do not?

    Please, give me a guidance

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    Don't know if this helps any but I believe sbr home office is outside the USA.
    Most posters are from the USA but I've seen many others from all over the world...

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    same for Canadian residents as some bookmakers wont allow us to lay bets on them like betfair and smarkets

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    Is there such a thing as a betting website ending in .com? I thought those were all seized by the American government or abandoned.

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