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    Books playing with lines?

    Do books really move lines for no reason? Is it to confuse us? If yes, doesn't that mean they like a side? Thanks!

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    I guess they set openers to try to confuse us but most moves in major sports after that are just following the market for most books.

    If they try to be opinionated against the market in this competitive environment they will usually be forced to come back into line by weight of money.

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    Sometimes the books make bad opening lines. Especially totals, like in basketball and football. More so in college. And those are usually the biggest movements. However, injuries not known to the public, or certain refs with a certain reputation can also sway lines. I would seem to guess in the long run, to bet the opposite way of the line movement if you were wondering which way to make a play. Seems like you get more "value" on the spread or total.