Ive been lurking on here for awhile and finally decided to sign up. I've been betting for a little over a year now, started out with a $300 bankroll, at first I really made some horrible bets and risk way too much on parlays. I got really lucky on a few parlays and my bankroll was $2000 when I really decided to quit going with a go big or go home (more like broke) strategy. After talking it over with a few people I've decided to go with 3% of my bankroll on my bets. I try to average 14 bets per week (Mon-Sun), which I have been pretty successful at since I really started keeping good records of everything, and I try to stick to -110 bets when possible. Ive been really keeping good records on all my bets for 5 weeks now, this week being my 6th with a record of 45-28. I know this is an extremely small amount of bets to really know anything. What kind of suggestions would you make to the way I am doing things. In particular should I stick with trying to make -110 bets for the most part, and is keeping in the range of 14 bets or so per week making too many? Keep in mind I bet on most major sports (NBA, NCAAF, NFL, NCAAF, & MLB). Anything you guys can suggest for me would be greatly appreciated.