I have some people interested in having a Bracket Pool this year despite there not being a tournament. Let me know if anyone is interested to join. Here is how it would work:

Step 1: Everyone fills out the bracket that will be announced this Sunday. If there is no selection Sunday proceed with using Joe Lunardi's most recent bracketology bracket.

Step 2: Once all brackets are in upload them to google sheets or send out to everyone in the pool via e-mail

Step 3: Use NCAA game sim website. This site takes into account how dominate good teams are this year as well as how poor the 16 seeds are etc. The simulated scores are an accurate reflection of how the game would have gone between these 2 teams. It does account for some randomness which would allow for upsets to happen as well, as they do in real life. The simulation also has an accurate box score with individual player stats that can be used or looked at for entertainment.

Step 4: Each simulation would occur on youtube live and would also be done at the same time and date that particular game would have actually been played on. For example first tourney game would be simulated on youtube live and contain some brief content about the two teams during the quick simulation on Thursday March 19th at 1240EST. The last game would take place on April 5th and would be the national championship. Anyone who fills in the bracket can tune into for 3 min and see who wins each simulated game.

Step 5: Update bracket Scores after every so often using standard NCAA bracket scoring. Have a winner at the end and prizes. We can also make an all tournament, and all region teams utilizing the box scores that are generated for each game.

If you are interested send me a direct message. If we get enough interest I am more than happy to put this together.