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    Dunkel Lines

    Are the Dunkel Lines pretty close to being right on?

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    SBR is a criminal organization
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    You might be able to grind a small profit vs. openers if you know what you're doing.

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    OK, Philly isn't going to win 67.5 games
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    I prefer Sagarin

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    I havent attempted to analyze Dunkel's data for NBA or CBB, but I have data from StatFox and Pomeroy and Sagarin. None of these are world beaters as far as ATS results are concerned. Here is what I have for January.

    I have arbititrarly used a difference of 3.1 Pts. as a differencial from the "posted line". This is in addition to whatever each has allowed for HCA. Also note, that I ONLY considered plays against the spread.

    StatFox: 110 Plays, record 57-53, 51.8%
    Sagarin: 100 Plays, record 54-46, 54.0%
    Pomeroy: 98 Plays, record 52-46, 53.6%

    I have noticed some correlations that may help. If you combine a couple of pairings a higher % results. Using the same criteria as above, but requiring that BOTH agree on the same play, the results improve:

    Pomeroy and Sagarin: 40 Plays, record 22-18, 55%
    Sagarin and StatFox: 32 Plays, record 19-13, 59.4%

    *- I did not track the combination of Pomeroy and Statfox in my data

    As you can see, certain correlations reveal a higher %. If I were better at Excel, I'd probably find a way to import Dan Curry and Dunkel's work into a spreadsheet. I think there exists some correlations that could be expoited.

    Sorry to stray from the OP's question, but I could see where he was headed and thought this may be useful.

    Good Luck on your action...

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    Hey I stubled acoss this and was wondering if anyone had any spread sheets on sagarin this YTD was thinkg of doing a lil project
    if not does anyone know weher to find old ratings the only ones onm the site are the current weeks

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    they usually get priced into the market with far more weight than they should carry, and I love them for it

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    checked them out for college baskettball last year for a while. didn't help at all don't even bother looking at the lines.

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    Yea I wasn't going to use just dunkel to make play but I was more or less taking the idea that screaming pain had and changing it a lil... Instead of picking games to rating indexes have in comin I would take the weekly team ratings of a few indexes and make it one rating equally balancing the ratings if each team then using those rating generated to make plays

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    Or at least track it for the season