CGC Announces First-Ever Winter Edition Grading Contest!
Attention all CGC Comics chat board members! We would like to officially invite you to participate in our first-ever Winter Edition Grading Contest. Chat board members will be given the opportunity to compete in a competition to test their grading skills. CGC plans to host these contests four times a year.
The competition will consist of four rounds that will all take place on the chat board. During each round, members will be provided with scans of five books and will be given three days to submit their grades. After each round is complete, scans of the official CGC-graded books in their holders will be posted. After the close of the third round, the top 10 participants will compete in a final fourth round.
At the beginning of the competition, a prize thread will be started. CGC will donate a $500 grading credit to the prize thread, and participants may also donate a prize if they choose to do so. After the final round is over, the top 10 participants can pick from the prize thread, starting with the first place winner.

To learn more about the contest and find the scoring guidelines, click here.