I did this exercise - kind of - back in June. But will firm it a bit.

I bet very little on preseason props. Don't think it's good to tie $$$ up that long - 3-4 months. Unless you're getting decent odds. To bet at some low odds that Florida - or whatever otehr Top Tenner - will win the Nat'l Cship, seems to me mathematically foolish.

I will likely make two preseason college bets, both to win their conf. Haven't checked odds yet,tho.

PAC 10: Everyone on the Trojans. I'll fade. And right now - subject to change of course - I'm thinking of taking a strong stand on OSU, in the mid-Sept game in LA.

Don't like teams, early season, travelling to Pacific TZ from the Eastern one. But if i can get a TD, or almost so, I may be on Buckeys.

My pick to win Pac 10: Oregon. Got to replace the RB and QB,the latter will be harder than the RB. But Belotti is hands-down the best coach in P10.

Carroll is the top recruiter, no contest. But not that great on-field or motivation-wise. That was proven last sseason, when Trojans were easily the most talented team in the land.

But an "easy" early schedule had the team coasting,not really "up" for all games. And after almost losing to Washington, they get beat, at home, vs - of all team - Stanford! With a qb starting for first time!

That's poor locker room and on-fiield coaching.

Sure, Trojans have a lot of returning talent, despite getting killed in the NFL draft. But I'll take Mike over Pete.

Not betting a future here tho.

BIG 12:

As I noted in June, I'll go with Texas Tech. The defense is OK, but the offense should be one of the top in the country. Harrell may even win the Heisman! And his main target is the soph who won the Biletnikoff last year, first time ever for a frosh, I think.

I know ----- Oklahoma, And Texas. But I am likely going to make the Red Raiders one of my two future bets.

BIG 10: Ohio State. Lot of talent. If they get to the cship game vs SEC, tho, they'll likely lose again.

SEC: Toss-up. Georgia or Florida. Cocktail Party game Nov 1 may decide SEC winner and nat'l champ.

ACC: My other likely futures bet in college.

North Carolina. I had read no mags, etc, in June, when I tabbed the Heels, but I see that Steele has them rated # 2 on his Most Improved List (Notre Dame is # 1, a no-brainer, even a bust like Weis can't screw up all that talent).

Yeah, I know, there is Va Tech, Clemson, Fla St, Miami. But to get value you have to project a bit.

BIG EAST: A scramble. I'll guess Rutgers, but won't be surprised if any of the others - tho not Syracuse - win the crown come Dec.