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    Army vs Navy

    Navy had a tougher schedule, but this game ain't about that. Amy will put 8 in the box and get 2-3 yards a carry, they will do it over and over until you stop them. That meas the clock just Tics Tics tics. Navy will do the same and every now and then throw in a ply action pass. Both teams will have a trick play ready

    Armed services teams, when facing each other since 2005 ( Army, Navy Air Force) are 32-8-1 against the UNDER., that's 80%.

    Stick with those odds. I like Army as well.

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    Every year I wait for the game to go 'over', and yet it never does.

    This is the year.
    Over 33 for me.

    As a son of a 30 year career Navy military engineer, I say proudly...
    "Go Navy, beat Army"

    I love each and every branch of our great military, except for those four hours on the second Saturday of December, when I root against Army.

    Go, Navy, and God Bless our military.

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    The games dont go over anymore because neither team has a passing threat. When Navy had Keenan Reynolds they scored 40 pts per game because he could throw. Running the triple option vs other triple option teams doesnt work without the threat of a pass

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    17-14 . play the under. Again.