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    ACC Goes to Conference Schedule +1, Includes Notre Dame

    Tge ACC has basically forced the hand of the SEC by going to a 10 game conference schedule, ala the Big 12 and Pac 12. They will allow one non-conference game that must be played in the same state as the ACC team involved in is playing. Notre Dame was added to the ACC as a 15th Conference team. Allegedly that is just a "temporary" arrangement. Stay tuned...

    The SEC will now almost have to follow suit. They will go to a 10 game conference schedule and may, or may not allow an extra non-conference 11th game. The 11 game would save the Kentucky-Louisville, Florida-Florida State, Georgia-Georgia Tech, and South Carolina-Clemson rivalry games.

    The Big 12 will really be in a bind. They already play a "Round Robin" schedule. Will they play a divisional team twice? Will they add two non-con games? They are really the odd man out here. Here is a completely off the top suggestion for the Big 12. Why not add BYU has an 11 team for this season only. BYU has already lost 5 of their 12 scheduled games and Missouri will the their 6th cancellation. If the 12 Team Mountain West Conference follows suit and goes to a 10 conference game schedule, BUY loses 3 more. I know it is really out in left field, but it would solve a major problem for BYU and the Big 12.
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