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    Phony Phil Steele Strikes Again

    Steele, who finished a distant 4th in a 4 capper pick contest us going to charge $30.00 for his worthless rag for 2020, not knowing if their will be a season, and when it may start. Steele should be kicked out of the industry. He is nothing more than a broke dumb lying hustler who deserves to be permanently taken out. What a phony. It is hard to believe that some idiots will shell out $30.00 for his worthless rag.

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    what is that up from? $14 or something like that?

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    Anybody remember when he led the lambs to slaughter at Millenium? I believe the Feds paid a visit after that, though I didn't hear that anything came of it.

    "Phil Steele and Northcoast Sports are Scumbags"