I have most blocked all NJ blocked online but after winning $5000 i stupidly lost it in between Gt and DSI and Sbg . I went good for awhile but ended up losing another $2000 after the $5000 . I then had a shot at Sbg and lost but did get some cash back there. About $164 . I worked it up to about $400 . I figure Ok i will get to $500 and switch over to sports betting . I bet a decent bet and right on penetrating cue i got this hand. After this i lost every single hand to straights ,flushes , And it after this BS hand won every single hand after this . What is the penetrating point why so i even go in there you have no penetrating chance. This was the biggest breakdown i have had all year in casino. Between the $5000 i won i lost $7000 total .