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    VegasCasino.io Is The Best ONLINE CASINO HANDS DOWN!!

    I have been playing online casinos and sportsbooks well before btc was around. I started in high school on SBG (still have an account there actually) and I have always played on 5dimes, bovada and betonline for years.

    Right now my only casino I will play on is VegasCasino. There are many reasons why first of all the withdrawals have always been lightening quick. Seconds if not a minute to your wallet. Second of all their game selection is HUGE and they have exciting slots and always updated almost weekly with new ones. Not to mention the jackpot slots I think Glam Life is 200btc+ right now?

    Back when btc was worth a lot less my deposits would be anywhere from 1 btc to 10btc.... Now that coin is way up I typically deposit anywhere from .1 to 1 btc to play with. I do with and withdraw a lot! But I must say there are some games that will suck balance dry like blackjack and that stupid Predictor game its horrid (not to mention ancient).

    Their support is immediate and their very helpful and knowledgeable. Ive never had any complaints or disputes.

    Now if you have read this far into the post your lucky because I want to tell you probably the biggest reason why I play there only now. Their promotions are SECOND TO NONE! What site do you know would order you a gift from Amazon (I got a new smartphone) just for playing? Well they did. They also have weekly giveaway in the form of a raffle called Stratosphere Coin Drop. Ive won numerous times blackjack free bets.... Btc in the amounts of 1.25 ..... .65 etc. I cannot tell you have many times I have woken up to free btc on Thursday morning. All thanks to their generous promos.

    I've had the VIP send me free spins in the past randomly to my email.

    This makes for a great experience and why I choose that site for all my casino gaming now. I wish they would integrate sports (I think they used to have it or just put it on a new sister site.)

    Does anyone else play there? I see others win in the Coin Drops so I know u are out there lol.

    Has anyone hit jackpot there recently?

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    I only play BJ and single zero roulette at 5D, small min combined with high max bets and fast play, that's what I want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5918mike View Post
    I only play BJ and single zero roulette at 5D, small min combined with high max bets and fast play, that's what I want.
    Got to do fast play!

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    Why cant i play it from Eastern Europe? Do i need to use VPN?

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    I played so many online casion, but I losted.

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    You forgot to mention the most important thing. Is it fair and not rigged. Every online casino i have ever played are all rigged . You may win the first time to lure you in with fair hands. But they will turn on the cheat mode or do whatever they do to cheat you and you will never win again.

    I had my worst experience in Tropicana online casino. I won $4000 through hours of play. Not great hands but fair hands. After that another $3000 a week later through hours of play. After i cashed that out the next time i went on i deposited over and over . Losing almost every hand to 20 or 21 . I would go without seeing a 20 and the rare times i would get it dealer would get 20 or 21 every time. I ended up losing $16000 alltogether . And this is a NJ online casino that is supposed to be fair.

    I have yet to see an online sports casino that is fair. The best i have luck in is GTbets and that is only once in awhile. When you look at your hands and dealer has every time you play a 4-1 or greater edge in getting 20 or 21 or BJs to you (Every time) there is something not legit going on. When a book sees that you post their rigged hands for everyone else to see what they are doing and then prevents you from seeing the hands there that is fishy too.

    And the "Live " is not much better . The Sport books all use the SAME CASINO . Look for yourself i did. Same dealers . Watch the hands the dealer gets. 80% a face card. The other day and i called this i had a larger bet and had 2 aces. Dealer had a 7 . I actually got 2 great hands which is almost unheard of here. A 20 and 21 . Dealer gets 21 with like 5 cards after starting with a 7. This is not a 1 time thing it happens all the time on the supposed "Live "casinos.

    All casinos in sportsbooks are only there to take your money you won at sportsbetting . Nothing more.

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