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    Crooked blackjack games

    I am disappointed that the so called reputable sportsbooks have blackljack programs that
    are supposed to be fair but they are so rigged it is comical.
    70% of the time the dealer gets a 19-21. I was pulling 12-16 nearly every hand. There is obviously an algorithm that keeps you from winning .I though independent
    organizations are supposed to audit these casino games.
    I guess I will stick to sports they cant rig a football game. Or can they?

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    I have said this on here for years . Especially if you bet a higher amount.I actually think we get 12-17 . The 17 comes up a lot because you know most will not hit on that even if dealer has a face card showing.If you add up the amount of times dealer gets a 20 or 21 it is always in their favor at least 3-1 .And yes i know that we have to take some responsibility for keeping on going back but really it is not right that they are doing this and so obviously ding this. The only one i really win anything at is GTbets and that is only betting low. As soon as you start betting higher it will destroy you. The worst out there is DSI . INSANE hands all the time there plus they will not even let me see my history because they probably did not like me posting their obvious rigged hands on here. I recently won $13000 on there mostly Sports betting and i lost it all in the casino. Then i got the rebate like $1300 and lost basically every hand . It is Ok to give everyone a rebate when they make it impossible to complete the rollover.