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    Blach just brought it that night---Ive seen the blach you bet against many times as welll
    Quote Originally Posted by Hugo de Naranja View Post
    Yeah Clark losing like that definitely surprised me haha. Good pick on Blach
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shagdogy View Post
    Haven't been able to cap like I'd like lately. Life getting busy... but I got some in, and I'm gonna play off Hugo and Turbo a little here. Thanks guys:

    Till +125, 2u
    Clark -155, 1.55u
    Alvey +135, 3u
    Emeev decision +140, 2.14u
    Ladd -265, 3u
    Piechota -195, 3u
    Wilson round 1 +605, .66u

    That's prob it for now. I think I still need to update my YTD after the last card. Been a bad run of late. Maybe this little obscure card can give a boost? Good luck everyone.
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