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    Quote Originally Posted by turbozed View Post
    If you don't mind sharing, we should have a chat one of these days to exchange information sources and resources.

    One more thing I found that helps is to post my analysis and then ask good analysts and handicappers to find the biggest flaw in my assumptions. Sometimes I can spend a couple hours building a case for an outcome and be missing a key observation that makes the whole thing fall apart.
    Definitely. Let's do it. I actually have a document with some fight observations and notes that I could share with you if you'd like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by turbozed View Post
    You didn't. You said it likely wouldn't happen. Totally misquoted you.

    Fine with that. He's also one of the biggest contributors here so no problem him getting a better price. We'll use same expiry date that Hugo stated unless you'd like other terms. Cheers
    I'm kinda curious why do u guys have an expiration date? U have some news i don't about my departure from the planet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shagdogy View Post
    Harris -325, 3.25u
    Duquesnoy -160, 2.5u
    Bibulatov by dec -150, 1.5u
    Tavares by dec -119, 1.19u

    That's it for now. Maybe some parlays. We'll see.

    Added Botelho to win 1u and Vannata to these, so I'm still down a little bit. Wanna chase it but don't really see anything to go for the rest of this card. Maybe Ferg. Hard to see him losing in a 5rd fight unless Lee can flat out put him away.
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