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    BitConnect - Anyone here a client who can give feedback?

    Anyone have any experience with BitConnect? It's a BitCoin investing platform that looks too good to be true, want to talk to someone who has some firsthand experience with it.


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    This guy gives a good explanation of why this looks like a ponzi scheme.

    Basically does not make any sense that they built a trading bot that makes 1% per day every day, day after day.

    Classic HYIP ponzi scheme type of claim and number.

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    Wouldn't trust it or put in too much. They can disappear fast and unless you jumped in when they opened, then you could have made out early profits.
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    look into bitpetite and you'll see where bitconnect will eventually end up.

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    Another stat to make you wonder: 95% of bitconnect trade volume is at their own exchange market. Smells fishy.

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