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    Cloudbet does not pay out

    Hello everyone, wanted to let you know that Cloudbet does not pay out winnings. I have deposited around 0.06btc into my account about 2 weeks ago, than have made few bets on tennis and won another 0.04 btc. After requesting a withdrawal of 0.1btc nothing happened and on their web site it says that some withdrawals may need to be approved manually and may take up to 24 hours.

    So I have waited for 3 days and after that wrote to support. They have replied to my email and asked me what is the problem. So I told them the withdrawal was not happening and asked them what may be wrong. No answer followed. I wrote them another mail and again no answer.

    So now, around 3 weeks later nothing is happening and I guess its a scam bookie

    My account name is Vladik26
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    I don't believe they are a scam. You should send a sportsbook complaint to sbr if you are still having a problem.

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    They have always paid me. Maybe he is the scam? Never heard of them not paying.

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    I doubt they decided to scam you for .1 BTC and pay larger amounts to other players. They along with every Bitcoin company has been going through issues with the fork so maybe your support ticket just got lost a they were busy with other issues. Try contacting them again, submitting a new ticket, and see if SBR can help by filing a complaint. Unless others start complaining about not getting paid I wouldn't worry about it, just frustration waiting on your coins. If you see other complaints then it's time to start worrying.

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    Thanks a lot guys for your advice, I will wait for another week and if nothing happens than I will file a complaint. It will be a month waiting at that point which is a very long time for a bookmakers payment, so I hope they have not just scammed me.

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    Hello, wanted to say that after a while I got my payment from them. Thanks all for your help and support!

    Good luck with your bets!

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    Cloudbet are cheaters

    Yes I have a proof they are just cheaters nothing I played alot on cloudbet and lost many times but I never complaint, but yesterday I played a sports book on a cricket match and I won handsome money, after completing that game the page was showing me error 1015 then I waited till page will come back, and afterwards when I able to open my account they shows game (Push) when I email to them they said we were getting wrong betting rate from third party, so we push all bets, what the penetrate is that, if they getting wrong rate or whatever there is no fault of any player. They must give me my wining, once bet is done means done, there is no if and but in the betting industry.
    If you want to see I have a proof of my stakes