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    Surprise! More comebacks…

    First it was the NFL this weekend with Jets, Fish, and Cardinals! Then tonight D-backs give up 5-1 lead the whole game in bottom of the 8th allow 5 runs to lose 6-5 (just enough to get LAD win but not cover RL) then Yankees losing 8-4 going into bottom 9th and Pitt gives up a 5 spot?! Again just enough to get them the W and fukk my Pitt ML bet up…did I miss anything?

    Is this the “new normal”? Sh!t like this used to be pretty few and far between, but it feels like now that sports betting is legalized (most places) and with the advent of live betting now, plus their advertising is thru the roof, these wild comebacks are becoming more commonplace. Anyone else care to weigh in?

    Side note: I did throw $450 on D-backs 2nd game tonight fully expecting to lose when I saw they were up 1-0, guess everyone must have been betting live on another LA comeback so I got lucky 🍀 ok rant over

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    Law of Large Numbers.

    We are all subjects to this law. In the end, all the events and its probability will come out so that it obeys the laws of large numbers. You lose and someone else will win. The comebacks happen now, and for the next few months solid play will happen. It's just the way it is.