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    fairly new to baseball betting: best books (reading)

    hi, i'm fairly new to baseball betting but very enthusiastic. i purchased all the baseball preview magazines. might grab all the fantasy baseball mags too (for info on game betting)

    what are the best annual books? i use to get bill james book when i was a kid.

    not exactly sure what i'm interested in....... probably the first thing is just info consolidation. like rankings of teams by position (2 through 9, and then 1 to 5 in the rotation, probably just one bull pen ranking)....... i know this probably exists a few places but i'm looking for a graphic on each team with all this in it. or do i have generate it myself?

    anyway, just looking for info's on annual baseball books..

    thx advance

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    I would read Fan Graphs everyday.
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    Not sure on books but Fangraphs, baseball reference, baseball prospectus and others there are several good sites out there with tons of good information.

    I try to sum up each team little by little on my thread without getting too analytical or boring. Mr0ctobers 2019 win total thread here on this forum.

    Hope this helps. Good luck this year!