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ZenitBet Review

Last Updated 11/11/20
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Risk of slow pay or no pay.

ZenitBet was given an F rating by SBR because of numerous complaints of non-payment of account balances. This is the lowest possible rating, so clearly ZenitBet appears on the blacklist. This is most definitely a site to avoid, but there are trusted alternatives on the SBR best sportsbooks list. Below is a review of ZenitBet which expands on the reasoning for the poor rating.  

Bonuses 150 words 

ZenitBet entices customers with a welcome bonus which comes in the form of a free bet. New players must register and make an initial deposit. This offer is a match bet bonus because the value is linked to that of the qualifying bet. However, even the most generous welcome bonus should not be enough to open a new account because this is a scam bookmaker. SBR has information about over 40 complaints regarding slow or no payments.  

The Promotions option on the MORE menu on the ZenitBet Homepage takes users to the offers page. There is no evidence of ongoing bonuses for existing players. Even if the site featured a package of sport and event specific promotions, it would not suffice because ZenitBet has a history of withholding payments without an acceptable reason. There are other sites that are genuine and also offer concessions. You can see some of these on the SBR sportsbook bonuses page.  


ZenitBet confiscates betting funds and does not return deposits. There are instances of customers asking for a balance payout or part payout and ZenitBet not responding. One of the strengths of Bovada is its responsive customer service department that deals with queries about payments. The payments processing service highlights ZenitBet’s poor performance in this area. In fact, you could take it further and say ZenitBet scams customers by enticing them to deposit funds but then avoids making payments.  

Sports Betting Experience  

ZenitBet offers pre-match, live and post-match betting for about 40 sports. The range of leagues and markets is impressive, but that does not make the site more trustworthy. The sports betting experience is spoilt by the non-payment of betting funds. The site features odds for the domestic soccer leagues in Europe. There are also game odds for the NFL and other leagues in the main professional sports in the United States. The site offers betting on global sports like tennis, golf and boxing.  

Customer Service  

Customers can contact ZenitBet through a support telephone number and WhatsApp. The site also features a community where members can exchange views and the bookmaker is active on social media. However, the operator does not respond to queries about the non-payment of customer’s money. This is the main reason for SBR’s F rating and ZenitBet’s appearance on the blacklist. Conversely, other top gambling sites, such as Intertops, are responsive and deal with complaints quickly and effectively.  


SBR lists the best betting sites, but ZenitBet appears on the blacklist. Complaints about withholding account balances either have been ignored or have been answered with promises to make payments at a later date, but these never transpire. This site should be avoided but you can consider more trustworthy sportsbooks.  

ZenitBet News

Zenitbet Sportsbook Player #44 Adds Name to No-Pay List

A Zenitbet Sportsbook (SBR rating F) player has filed a complaint. He is the 44th player to report non-payment of funds. Zenitbet has confiscated winnings from players without returning deposits in several of the cases and is no longer communicating with Sportsbook Review. The Russia based betting site is on the sportsbook blacklist.

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ZenitBet Sportsbook Scam Alert

A ZenitBet Sportsbook player has added his name to the list of players that have not been paid. The player reported that after requesting a payout on April 18 for his balance, he to this day has still not recovered his balance.The Russia based gaming company holds a rating of F and is indexed on the worst sportsbook blacklist.

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Sportsbook Scam Alert on ZenitBet: 42 Players Owed

A ZenitBet Sportsbook player has written in to add his name to the list of players who have been scammed by the Russia based betting site. ZenitBet, an F rated sportsbook which is part of the scam website blacklist, has conned players out of $30,000 since being added to the online sportsbooks rating guide last August.

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ZenitBet player has balance confiscated after partial payout

A ZenitBet Sportsbook player reported receiving a partial payout before having his account zeroed out and winnings confiscated by the blacklisted online sportsbook. The player was paid 14,999 Rubles or $227 before having the remaining $545 in his account confiscated. The player has been given no explanation on the confiscation.

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ZenitBet Sportsbook Complaint #41

No-pay complaint number 41 has been filed by a ZenitBet Sportsbook (SBR rating F) player. The player requested to be paid his $6,633 balance at the end of October 2015 after successfully completing the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. He has not been paid to this day and has received no responses from ZenitBet support.

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Latest ZenitBet Sportsbook victim writes in

Sportsbook Review has received more than three dozen reports of non-payment from ZenitBet Sportsbook (SBR rating F). The Russia based online betting website is listed on the worst sportsbook blacklist and should be avoided. Established in 2007, the online sportsbook continues to accept player deposits but is unable to process player withdrawals.

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ZenitBet Sportsbook downgraded from D- to F

Sportsbook Review urges online bettors to avoid scam website ZenitBet (SBR rating F). A total of 40 payout complaints have been submitted by ZenitBet players since the betting websites inclusion in the betting sites rating guide in August of 25. ZenitBet has been officially lowered from D- to F on the worst sportsbook blacklist.

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ZenitBet Sportsbook complaint #39 hits SBR mailbox

Complaint number 39 has been filed against Russia based sports betting site ZenitBet. A player has claimed that the online betting site is refusing to pay. He claims to have provided all documents necessary to pass the KYC process, but that his payout has been rejected. The player, like many before him, has been given no information on why the betting site will not pay.

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ZenitBet Sportsbook complaint #38

A ZenitBet Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player has added his name to the list of unpaid players. A ZenitBet player reported that he had fully completed the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, but he believes the process to have been a delay tactic, as he has yet to be paid his €450 balance. The online sportsbook has ceased communicating with the player.

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New ZenitBet Sportsbook Payout Complaint: €4,000

A new sportsbook complaint has been filed by a ZenitBet player. The player went through the Know Your Customer (KYC) process with the Russia based betting site in April of 2015. He had his documents notarized to expedite the acceptance of his documents. However, the online sportsbook has not paid his €4,000 balance.

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ZenitBet Review
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