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vipbetzone Review

Last Updated 08/22/20
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This sportsbook is also offline

vipbetzone News

MyMoneyCashier scam report prompts stiff processor to resurface


MyMoneyCashier scam report prompts stiff processor to resurfaceMyMoneyCashier’s front woman, “Gabriela” called more than one of the books MMC stiffed to say she sent a partial payment and would like to start doing business again. Gabriela claimed that on the following Monday she would email the current office address and new payment information. No payments or information was sent to these merchants. The sportsbook operators tell SBR that the theft will not affect payment to their players but believe the processor, which is no longer using the website, is trying to work with other smaller books under a new name. My Money Cashier is the newest scam from professional thieves formerly behind the VipBetZone (SBR rating F- ) Sportsbook Group.


SBR BillDozer reports:

SBR meets with Bet4Aces(SBR rating D-); discusses affiliation with BetGateway. Edward, part of Bet4Aces ownership, tells SBR that they will take responsibility for its association with SCAM sportsbook BetGateway and settle all delinquent accounts. Edward assures SBR that Bet4Aces will “right this wrong” and contends that he is operating a legitimate sportsbook. Ownership acknowledges that the company was built on BetGateway’s platform, that they utilized the same servers and equipment, and employed a Gateway manager, but is adamant that the company was purchased and is controlled by new ownership. Edward went on to say that Gateway manager, Henry, is no longer with Bet4Aces and noted that Bet4Aces is in the Torre del Este building and not in the Law Offices of Mauricio Gomez like past reincarnations of VipBetZone scam sportsbooks. View Bet4Aces office photos here.


BetIsGlobal(SBR rating F-) becomes Changing names to avoid being identified as a scam operation is a common practice for the VipBetZone Group.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetIsGlobal(SBR rating F-) new sportsbook from the VIPBetZone(SBR rating F-) Group. Past scam books include VipBetZone, BetNowOnline, GoWagers, BetGateway and most recently, Bet4Aces(SBR rating F-).


Bet4Aces is the new website for scambook, BetGateway (SBR rating F-). BetGateway has been off-line for two days and active players are now being asked to log in at Bet4Aces and use Bet4Aces’ Neteller merchant account. This is the latest scam site from former VIPBetZone (SBR rating F-) owership.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

BetGateway (SBR rating F+) part of the stiff VipBetZone Group? Special thanks to SBR reader Bill who points out that BetGateway is using the same email box as defunct sportsbook VipBetZone (SBR rating F-).

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

New SCAM Sportsbook BetNowOnline soliciting deposits. SBR has confirmed that BetNowOnline is operated by the same crooks that have stolen thousands from players using VIPBetZone (SBR rating F-) and sister book GoWagers (SBR rating F-). The two sportsbooks are responsible for a recent influx of no-pay complaints to SBR.  Both sites went offline two days before BetNowOnline was launched. BetNowOnline enters the SBR rating guide at F-.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Players report being stiffed a total of $42,536 from VipBetZone (SBR rating F-) this week. This amount includes payment plans that have not been honored.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SCAM operation Vipbetzone (SBR rating F-) launches new sportsbook Gowagers. Players should avoid both books at all costs.

SBR Scam Alert: VipBetZone (SBR rating F-)

This scam sportsbook is back – Players beware! Originally downgraded by SBR to an F rating on July 28, 2004 after just 4 weeks in operation. The operation disappeared on August 2nd stiffing all clients.
vipbetzone Review
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