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vegasbettinglines Review

Last Updated 08/22/20
country-not-accepted-icon US Sports Bettors Not Accepted

This sportsbook is also offline

vegasbettinglines News sportsbook part of EZ Sports Scam Group enters the SBR rating guide at F. The sportsbook is part of the EZ Sports SCAM Group which continues to pump out new sportsbooks in order to have a bigger net in which to catch players. EZ Sports also sells partnerships to “investors” who are made to believe buying a sportsbook website for $6000 will be a profitable. sells EZ Sports turnkey websites. 
“Testimonial ” – My friends are quite impressed when I tell them I’m an Internet casino owner – although some don’t believe it’s possible. Wait till they see the new car I’m buying with the extra money I’ve earned. That ought to turn some heads!
vegasbettinglines Review
F Last Updated
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