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theonlinebet Review

Last Updated 08/22/20
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theonlinebet News

SBR Scam Alert:

English Sports Betting (SBR Rating F-) is an outright SCAM operation, that has claimed another victim. Player reports: “I have been trying to get some of my 11,000 dollars for over 2 years now. All they do is play games, make promises, and continue to rip other people off. They could very well be the worst sportsbook out there from all the other messages I have seen over the years.”

Las Vegas Official Bet (SBR rating F-) continues old ways under new name. Formerly TheOnlineBet, LVOB is stiffing players. They are citing a pending company sale as the latest reason. Outright SCAM operation as well.

Bill Rossi from LasVegasOfficialBet (SBR Rating F)

finally issues payout to player after 1 month delay and the intervention of SBR and TTinCO. A smaller part of the player’s funds remain in the account. SBR to continue research on suspected connection with TheOnlineBet (SBR Rating F-). SBR thanks TTinCO for all his help resolving this dispute.

Bill Rossi, co-owner of LasVegasOfficialBet,

assures SBR that player will get paid the total remaining balance in his account on 03/30 at the latest. SBR to review suspected connection with TheOnlineBet scam group. LasVegasOfficialBet denies any connections, but SBR remains skeptic, as LVOB used the former NT merchant code for TheOnlineBet to process payments. Communication channels remain open between LVOB and SBR.


Player complains he cannot get paid from this book, which is suspected to be related to TheOnlineBet group. Several no-pay complaints have been reported from this group in the past. A possible no-pay situation at hand.

Las Vegas Official Bet

Denies the SBR report that they are scam book theonlinebet recreated


(SBR rating F) – SBR viewer ID’s scam book changing their name


(SBR rating F-) notorious stiff book, which made some cash payments to players recently under an SBR restitution plan, disappears and is presumed to be finally out of business


(SBR rating F+) Vows to settle stalled claims – payments have resumed as of 12/06 If any player is still owed money write


From the desk of SBR’s freelance advocate: -SBR’s crack freelance mediator gets a settlement offer TheOnLineBet -All parties studying offer … Macho Sports first tells SBR they are in Panama, when asked for their license they are suddenly in Argentina?? Crack mediator having little luck helping with stiffed player of GI Gaming but there may be hope and the beat goes on Talks with Sportsbettingtrivia to catch up slow pays fail


– (SBR rating F-) threatens legal action against SBR – player experiences are welcome
theonlinebet Review
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