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thecasinofiles Review

Last Updated 08/22/20
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This sportsbook is also offline

thecasinofiles News

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

TheCasinoFiles(SBR rating F) goes offline; blames turnkey provider, Futurebet. This situation illustrates the problems that can occur with turnkey partnerships where neither party claims responsibility for player funds. The webmaster refers to owed players and advises them to pursue their funds with Futurebet directly. message goes on to suggest players come back to the site when they make another attempt to operate with a different provider. Players with Futurebet are reporting no-pays on a daily basis.

We regret to inform you that the casino and or sportsbook that you had created an account for with is no longer available for your wagers. The website links to the casino games and sportsbook that you have been using are now offline.
This website has been using the licensee ’Future Bet’ for the casino and sportbook wagering. We have heard too many complaints from players of not getting paid for their withdrawls by Future Bet or slow paying that can take months. We feel that a company that operates like this seems to be having major financial problems. This website has elected to change to a gaming provider that has been operating properly for years and paying the players. The new casino and sportsbook will appear here soon.
We recommend that you withdraw any funds that you have in your account with Future Bet immediately.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

TheCasinoFiles (SBR rating F) reportedly having trouble paying Futurebet, their turnkey service provider, and may not make it to football season. The sportsbook is in slow-pay mode, having owed players for months. If the book were to fall, balances may be absorbed by SportsbookUSA, with players being forced to accept a 3x roll-over requirement. Both books are hosted by Futurebet, who finds itself in these situations by offering a fully operational online sportsbook to anyone willing to pay an initial $35,000 start-up fee.

Weekend Slow-pay Complaints:

TheCasinoFiles (SBR rating F+): owes player $2675 since last March. PlayerSupport assures SBR that a reasonable payment plan will be in place by Tuesday.
BetRoyal (SBR rating D-): owes player Neteller payout for $2500 since last Wednesday. SBR now has complaints from three players with outstanding withdrawal requests.
GolfingGods (SBR rating D): Player reports being asked to wait one week for his Neteller withdrawal. SBR has also received recent customer service complaints against GolfingGods.
thecasinofiles Review
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