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sunsetsports Review

Last Updated 08/21/20
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sunsetsports News

BetFirstClass (SBR rating D) software and host provider identified as BetBones Max.

BetFirstClass (SBR rating D) turnkey host provider identified as BetBones (SBR rating F) operator. The BetBones group scammed players under different brands at the end of 2007. BetBones ran a handicapper scam just before closing, stiffing hopeful victims as well as its employees. owner states that he was unaware of the history of no-pay books on the platform. Previous scams also included F rated sportsbooks BetWGN, SunsetSports, Atlantisbet and DunHillCasino.

SBGglobal steals $25,000 from player

The SBGglobal (SBR rating D-) bettor was credited with a $7,500 “bailout” after PlayersTime (SBR rating F) closed. A three time roll-over (wagering a total of $22,500) was required. The player wagered his funds for two months surpassing the rollover requirement and winning his balance, which then should have been his free and clear, up to $25,000. SBG confiscated this money, again citing “sharp action” as a reason for deleting player balances. SBG also tells SBR that the player was able to wager $2,000 per parlay and should have been limited to $1,000 despite what the software allowed him to risk. This same operation also stiffed players whose accounts were purchased from SunsetSports (SBR rating F), claiming the players violated rules by being sharp and having “inside info”. The total amount reported stolen by SBG Global in the past year exceeds $80,000.

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Scam alert:

Nt bet (SBR rating F-) is a new sportsbook from former owners of scam operation, Sunset Sports (SBR rating F-).

Mailbag Complaints:

WorldBet (SBR rating D-): Player’s winning wager on FIBA basketball cancelled after match due to erroneous betting odds. Book not responding to player emails requesting the book pay at correct market odds.

DragonWager (SBR rating D-): Book moving toward F rating after two more players report no-pay cases. DragonWager continues to supply odd excuses such as a surge in chargebacks.

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SBR Bill Dozer reports: PlayWePay (SBR rating D+)

not honoring ’BetCasinoSports bailout’ terms. The bettor received a free account balance as part of a bail-out package for BetCasinoSports (SBR rating F) users and went on to win an additional $15,310. PlayWePay has increased the rollover requirement and is limiting the amount the player will receive to $6,885. SBR has received multiple complaints from players with other sportsbooks who were offered “relief” after being a victim of a fallen book, only to see the ’rescuing’ sportsbook fail to pay. Sports-Gambling (SBR rating D) received positive press for coming to the rescue of SunsetSports (SBR rating F-) victims but later deleted winning accounts.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Second player reports a balance of $5,888 stolen from his Sports-Gambling (SBR rating D-) account after his balance was transferred from SunsetSports (SBR rating F-). The player says the book told him it “was not profitable” to service him. 

SBR Bill Dozer reports: Sports-Gambling cheating winning players.

Sports-Gambling (SBR rating D-) management confirms that it confiscated a player’s balance due to internal business problems that were unknown to the player. Last December the sportsbook agreed to book-to-book transfers with SunsetSports (SBR rating F-), which was near collapse. Sports-Gambling General Manager, Randal, tells SBR that the deletion of the $7,000 was “ownership’s decision” and that “it was never real money“, because Sunset didn’t fulfill its financial obligations to Sports-Gambling. Sports-Gambling admits that it honored balances of transferred accounts they deemed to be profitable. The sportsbook has been downgraded twice in the last two months due to complaints of unjustly debiting account balances.


GoToSportsbetting (SBR rating F-) is a new sportsbook from former owners of stiff sportsbook Sunset Sports (SBR rating F-).

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Sports-Gambling (SBR rating D) takes over player’s $7,000 SunsetSports account then deletes balance. When SunsetSports folded, some account balances were transferred to Sports-Gambling. Sports-Gambling informed players it had “bailed out” Sunset clients but players would be required to wager their funds five times before requesting a withdrawal. Sports-Gambling informed this player that he has lost his funds for the second time, stating that they will no longer honor his balance.

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SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SBR has learned that SandalsWager(SBR rating F-) is functioning as a post-up sportsbook serviced by turnkey service provider, International Data Solutions (IDS). Vince, the owner of the sportsbook who previously worked for scam sites, BetWGN and SunsetSports is using the Neteller merchant code sand4171 to accept deposits. Neteller and IDS have been notified of the no-pay complaint.

sunsetsports Review
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