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sportsbookpayer Review

Last Updated 08/20/20
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This sportsbook is also offline

sportsbookpayer News

SportsbookPlayer website taken off-line

Deposit-only sportsbook, SportsbookPayer (SBR rating F-) website taken off-line. The scam website, which was designed to look like Bodog (SBR rating A+), managed to rob players of over $150,000. The latest known scam from this group is SportsbookAction24 (SBR rating F-). SBA24’s website imitates (SBR rating D+).

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SportsbookPayers (SBR rating F-) scam claims new victim. Player deposits $30,000, won over $150,000 and is then asked to Western Union funds to “cover transfer and currency conversion costs”. This deposit-only sportsbook has never paid a player and serves only as a tool to con sports bettors.

Pro-capper/Western Union Sportsbook scam hits again

The con artists, previously behind CypressSportsbook (SBR rating F-), CreditSportsbook (SBR rating F-) and LasVegasSportsbookDK (SBR rating F-), are back as SportsbookPayer (SBR rating F-). The scam follows the same course. A tout, this time from, establishes a relationship with gamblers before referring his new clients to a sportsbook. The so-called sportsbook is established for the sole purpose of facilitating the con. The tout then promises players betting credit or the ability to invest in syndicate guaranteed plays. Players are eventually asked to Western Union funds to Poland. History suggests will be off-line shortly and the handicapper phone numbers will soon be disconnected. All of the victims were asked to Western Union their funds to a Yosef Levine in Poland. View past reports on these conmen.

sportsbookpayer Review
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