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sportsbettingtrivia Review

Last Updated 08/20/20
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This sportsbook is also offline

sportsbettingtrivia News

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SBR confirms SportsbettingTrivia(SBR rating F+) sends player a partial payment of $1,000 in  money orders via US Postal Service.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Problem sportsbook SportsbettingTrivia(SBR rating F+) situation worsens. After legal issues and bad business practices were responsible for bringing down most of the book’s business, players reported sporadic payouts. Trivia now appears to be on the brink of collapse. The book is unable to bring in new business or pay current players. Phones are unmanned and emails are unreturned.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Questions loom for SportsbettingTrivia players. Former customer service manager Georga tells SBR that the book’s owner, who goes by the name of Barry Warren, is no longer with the company and that she is now the general manager. We are also told that SBT’s sister book, SafeDepositSportsbetting, will not be brought back online as SBT seeks to distance itself from the site allegedly utilized by a US-based organized crime group. Georga states that payouts will resume this week, although she was unwilling to offer a date when the book will become current. Players owed have told SBR that no progress has been made today and that if they are paid it will be in multiple installments.

SafeDepositSportsBetting (SBR rating D+) and SportsbettingTrivia (SBR rating D+)

according to the OffshoreWire, have skipped out of town. Another source tells SBR that “they are setting up a new office”. Downgraded to the SBR Black List in November 2003, the sportsbook’s  management continued to insist that their SBR rating was too low.

SportsbettingTrivia and SafeDepositSportsBetting (SBR rating D+)

were used by suspected organized crime in New York, 36 members were arrested today. What effect this might have on the sportsbooks involved is unclear. Players should consider this a negative and reduce their balances ahead of a possible downgrade. 

Sportsbooks update

SportsInteraction (SBR rating D-) Gets a rare positive player comment Sportsbettingtrivia (SBR rating F) Player generally happy with book thinks SBR’s cut was too hars


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sportsbettingtrivia Review
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