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shilbet Review

Last Updated 08/25/20
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This sportsbook is also offline

shilbet News

Is WBEXonline Shilbet (SBR rating F) in new clothes?

SBR Forum posters point out that new sportsbook, WBEXonline, very much resembles Shilbet. Both used the same server with very similar IP addresses. Shilbet was known for offering weak lines and targeting UK players while operating from Costa Rica, as is the case with WBEX. Poster Champi also points out that the sportsbook has copied bwin (SBR rating C-) website url tags and rules pages. Whether a reincarnation of scam-book Shilbet or a new book run by inexperienced management, WBEXonline shows classic warning signs of a sportsbook that will eventually fail, taking player funds with it. | WBEXonline discussion

Shilbet off-line day 11.

 The sportsbook’s players write to SBR daily reporting that their funds were lost when the sportsbook disappeared. Shilbet spent its last two active months cheating players in various ways including altering wagers. SBR is researching the possibility that Shilbet is attempting to open a new sportsbook under a different name.

Scam Shilbet (SBR rating F) offline

SBR added Shilbet to the Rating Guide at F in June after receiving a flurry of complaints that the sportsbook was changing player wagers. Shortly thereafter, payout requests were ignored. Shilbet’s phone service has been offline for at least two weeks. The sportsbook has ignored SBR email for the past month. Shilbet’s behavior and reactions to customer complaints suggest it is likely the sportsoook will not pay players or be back online under the Shilbet name.


 (SBR rating F) continues to confiscate balances without explanation and lock players out of accounts. The Costa Rica based soccer sportsbook has not responded to SBR inquiries since threatening legal action.

Shilbet (not rated) players submit screenshots suggesting Shilbet has purposely graded wagers wrong.

 Since the Shilbet report on June 17th SBR has received multiple complaints of winning wagers graded as half time losing bets. SBR concluded that Shilbet, at minimum, fails to properly label wagering options and wagering tickets. Shilbet has threatened both SBR and its players with legal action in attempt to minimize the exposure of negative feedback.

I placed bets on the 4.0 Quote in Equador (Game Equador X Argentina)Total bets in Equador: $405. Equador won 2-0 so I win $1620.They don´t pay saying that the odd was for haft time result and i should pay more atention. As I never had any problem with them I belived that was my mistake. A few days later the same happen in the game Spain U21 X England, but in this game I’m sure that the odds were for full time and complain with then… two days later they put the money in my account. Last friday i decided to withdraw some money from my account and they don´t pay. I have try several times to withdraw money and don´t receive nothing (they usually make payments in a few hours after request). Today I receive an email saying that my withdraw request was rejected. My account balance is $1075,50. And I also want that they pay me the $1620 from the game Equador X Argentina. This money is mine they are literally stilling my money!


On my email of answered:
“About your inquire, the bet was placed on half time result and not full time result, therefor

shilbet Review
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