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safaricasino Review

Last Updated 08/25/20
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safaricasino News

Player seeks information on Dimeline Sportsbook

A Sportsbook Review reader has written in via email requesting information on the BTG Gloval NV family of online sportsbooks. The BTG Gobal group, incorporated in Curacao, is most known for their brand Dimeline Sports (previously operated under Safari Casino Group), and maintains a lower rating for their past handling of player complaints. | Dimeline update

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Sportsbooks to avoid, SBR iGaming News video

Sportsbook Review provides an SBR iGaming News video update for Friday, March 31, 214. Topics covered in today’s broadcast include the recent advisories published concerning two blacklisted online sportsbooks that have scammed players: Dimeline Sports (SBR rating D-), and BetRevolution Sportsbook (SBR rating D-).

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Dimeline Sportsbook not paying users

A Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player owed $1,100 since June 8 has still yet to be paid. Dimeline has provided no updates on the player’s payout status, nor updates on a player owed $2,400 since February 1. Dimeline has admitted intentionally slow-paying the second player and has since discontinued all communication with SBR.

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Dimeline Sportsbook slow-pay: $1,100 since early June

A Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player has reported being owed $1,100 since June 8th. Dimeline has provided no firm updates on his payment status. Interestingly, the player has reported that despite making his transaction using plastic, he was not asked to submit documentation. SBR is following up on the sportsbook complaint. Read More cancels players pending bet; says he bet over the limit (SBR rating C), which runs on the BTG Gaming platform along with SafariCasino (SBR rating D+) and Dimeline (SBR rating C), canceled a players pending wager. The game had not yet started. VIP implied that their software did not or was not able to properly enforce limits. The player states that because of their error he missed out on his winning play. SBR will seek comment from management. 

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WagerUnit enters the SBR Rating Guide at D+.

WagerUnit enters the SBR Rating Guide at D+. WagerUnit is the newest turnkey sportsbook  to join the Safari Casino Group. The SafariCasino Group uses its own software called BTG Gaming which works much like its former software provider, Futurebet. WagerUnit and Safari are hosted in Curacao. SBR will reassess the sportsbook after website performance and processing methods are tested. The turnkey sportsbook currently handles its own customer support and financial processing.

KingdomCasino enters the SBR rating guide at D.

KingdomCasino enters the SBR rating guide at D. The sportsbook is part of the newly formed SafariCasino Group that left problem company, Futurebet, last week. KingdomCasino is hosted in Curacao.

Scammed sportsbook webmasters leave Futurebet; open new operation

Scammed sportsbook webmasters leave Futurebet; open new operation
In the fall of 2007 Futurebet-hosted betting sites began to realize that player deposited funds, bookmaking profits, as well as money on hand for withdrawals were stolen by the provider. Futurebet, now calling itself iGaming Software, claimed it was broke and could not pay its books or their players. Some of the Futurebet brands like USDbet (SBR rating F) and Monkeybet (SBR rating F) stiffed users and abandoned their sites. Others absorbed losses and attempted to stay in business, doing their own processing. SafariCasino (SBR rating D) and Dimeline Sports (SBR rating D) are two  books that sustained hits by their business partner, continued to use Futurebet’s software and hosting while using internal processing resources. The two books left Futurebet this past week, setting up new servers and their own software in Curacao. SBR will speak with ownership and reevaluate the new gaming group in early September.
The list of gaming sites to join the group include:

SafariCasino, MayanSports, BetTheGlobe upgraded

SafariCasino, MayanSports and BetTheGlobe upgraded from F to D. The books’ owner reports paying all players with privately held funds due to Futurebet’s unwillingness to pay. Futurebet is withholding its licensee’s funds while refusing to pay its users. Some Futurebet sportsbooks have closed down while others are attempting to work out deals to move player balances to other sportsbook operations, like (SBR rating D+) has done. SBR expects only Futurebet-owned SportsbookUSA (SBR rating F) and new Futurebet partners BetOnUSA (SBR rating D-) & Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) players to receive payments from the Futurebet cashier. Players should avoid these scam books which have proven they are not opposed to stealing funds.
safaricasino Review
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