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playerstime Review

Last Updated 08/22/20
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This sportsbook is also offline

playerstime News

SBGglobal steals $25,000 from player

The SBGglobal (SBR rating D-) bettor was credited with a $7,500 “bailout” after PlayersTime (SBR rating F) closed. A three time roll-over (wagering a total of $22,500) was required. The player wagered his funds for two months surpassing the rollover requirement and winning his balance, which then should have been his free and clear, up to $25,000. SBG confiscated this money, again citing “sharp action” as a reason for deleting player balances. SBG also tells SBR that the player was able to wager $2,000 per parlay and should have been limited to $1,000 despite what the software allowed him to risk. This same operation also stiffed players whose accounts were purchased from SunsetSports (SBR rating F), claiming the players violated rules by being sharp and having “inside info”. The total amount reported stolen by SBG Global in the past year exceeds $80,000.

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PlayersTime group closes; stiffs at least one player

The PlayersTime Group (SBR rating F) sold its customer balances to SBG Global. The sportsbook deleted at least one balance of $13,500 prior to moving the accounts to SBG. PlayersTime told the player “Sorry, you get nothing. We don’t take professional players.” This group stiffed users in the past claiming they violated the “wiseguy rule.”

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Three sportsbooks disappear in last two weeks. FirstClassSportsbook(SBR rating F-), BetGateway(SBR rating F) and SSP International(SBR rating F) each decided that their scams have run their course. Players should be aware of reincarnations or sister sites of these phony bookmakers. BetGateway now operates as Bet4Aces(SBR rating F-) and is cold calling potential players. FirstClassSportsbook’s sister site, PlayersTime(SBR rating F) steals player’s $19,000 balance. Substantial balances are at high risk. Both books focus their maketing efforts on off-line advertising and on bettors who are less likely to be aware of their unscrupulous actions.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

PlayersTime (SBR rating F) informs player that he won too much which violates the “wiseguy rule” and he will not receive his balance of $19,144. View the chat transcript where book tells player they are stealing his balance here.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

PlayersTime Group downgraded to F after FirstClassSportsbook remains offline for 4th day without player contact. Players can request payouts from PlayersTime through Neteller’s website using the merchant code PLAY2870 but PlayersTime has made it clear that they will not honor payout requests “at this time“. All PlayersTime books utilize the same merchant account. The company will remain on SBR’s Blacklist until all FCS users are paid.

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

PlayersTime (SBR rating D-) Group again processing withdrawals. The book’s 800 number phone lines are still down with local numbers not allowing US calls. PlayersTime’s email is listed as

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

PlayersTime (SBR rating D-) now stating that payouts will not be processed until Monday, meaning the book will go one week without paying a customer. Below is an excerpt from a chat between a disgruntled player and customer service. PlayersTime has been downgraded from D+ to D-.

You are now chatting with ’Customer Service’
Customer Service: This is customer service, how may I help you?
Visitor: Is Playterstime able to make payouts to Neteller yet?
Customer Service: no not yet
Visitor: why?
Customer Service: hopefully on Monday
Customer Service: we are still not setup with the neteller interface
Customer Service: we apologize for the delay
Visitor: Can I deposit to play football over the weekend? I’m trying to ask if I can make a damn deposit by Neteller?
Customer Service: yes deposits yes, you can deposit thru neteller and western union
Visitor: Then why can’t you make a payout?
Customer Service: because we cannot subtract amounts from your account yet but neteller deposits hit you account automatically
Visitor: Thats Bull****, How can you add it but not subtract?
Customer Service: it is not manually inserted like withdrawals are

SBR Bill Dozer reports:

SportsWager (SBR rating D+) leaves the PlayersTime Group and joins the Sportingbet Family. SportsWager players are considering themselves lucky as PlayersTime websites have been down for 4 days. SBR has received multiple slow-pay complaints from worried players who have been denied payouts during this 4 day period. PlayersTime sportsbooks are listed below.


SBR Bill Dozer reports:

Playerstime (SBR rating D) voiding winning wagers after events have concluded, stating that “we didn’t mean to take those bets.” Management refuses to offer a valid explanation to SBR, stating “This was ownership’s decision and we do not know why these winnings were confiscated.” This action will cost the player over $8,000. Playerstime has been downgraded from C- to D and is subject to further downgrade pending SBR’s final assessment. SBR has also received complaints against sister sportsbooks WinnersTime (SBR rating D) and SportsWager (SBR D+). SportsWager had initially promised SBR proof of valid casino play that was responsible for wiping out a player’s balance. It appears SportsWager has something to hide as they have failed to supply casino logs to SBR and the player.

Sportsbook disputes hit SBR mailbox

Complaints from; Internet1x2(F-), Playerstime(C-), SportingbetUSA(C-), Sportingbet(C-), BetonUSA(D+), WSEX(A-),

playerstime Review
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